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Ship chandling is all about ensuring supplies. Ship chandlers are merchants who supply goods for ships. In other words, they work as ship store suppliers. They stock up on all the essentials that meet the needs of vessels. The items include leather goods, galley supplies, lanterns, hooks, brooms, mops, varnish, tallow, etc.
When it comes to supplies, ELITE MARITIME CO KUWAIT takes care of all the requirements. Today a variety of goods are supplied by ship chandlers. This was not the case before. Now you can even get food supplies and cleaning compounds from a ship chandling agency. So now an agency is well-equipped to handle its responsibilities.
The benefits of working with ship chandlers
A ship chandler is the only supplier of all the essential requirements of a shipping vessel. The agency works out the details with the arriving ship for goods and supplies. This process happens even before the ship berths into a port.
The list of supplies may include the following items
1 – Fuel and oils
2 – Food and beverages
3 – Maintenance supplies
4 – Spare parts and tools
The importance of ship chandlers
Ship chandlers have been a part of the shipping industry for a long time. They are responsible for completely ensuring the delivery of supplies required by a ship that is about to sail. One can say that it is an integral service for marine matters.
This service has been around ever since vessels needed ropes and lanterns. Today ship chandlers are very in demand – from ensuring groceries to all the requisites of a full-fledged vessel.
The benefits of choosing a reputable ship chandling agency
There are several benefits when you work with a shipping agency. However, you have to make a wise decision. Choose to join hands with an agency that has the experience and has the necessary skills.
Some of the benefits when you work with a professional ship chandling agency include the following:
1 – A trustworthy agency will assist with the process related to the export and import requirements of the vessel.
2 – The team also manages the documentation part of the cargo
3 – The agency also looks after the demurrage
4 – They also arrange for all the other requirements as requested by the captain of the ship.
To wrap it up
Several vessels anchor at different ports across the world. The vessels berth at the docks after crossing miles of ocean waters. They sail for days and weeks. This long journey on the high seas causes the ships to run out of resources, fuel, and supplies.
Seafaring vessels have to stock up the supplies and refuel before they embark on the next voyage. Here is where ELITE MARITIME CO, KUWAIT as an agent comes in to assist the captain and the crew. When a ship’s crew approaches a shipping agency, they get a direct assurance of the best supplies delivered in a timely manner.
When there is a reputable ship chandling agency working with you, you get the best deals and discounts.